Change Your MAC Address in Just Two Clicks!

Want to Change Your MAC Address?
This Simple App Does It For You.

'Change MAC Address' is an easy-to-use program that does just
what it says on the box. Just two clicks and you're done.

There are many reasons you may want to change your MAC address.

You may wish to PROTECT your privacy when connecting to WiFi networks. You might want to PREVENT yourself getting banned from online games, based on your MAC address. You may want to SPOOF a specific MAC address to help work around ISP authentication problems.

And as your MAC address is unique to your network card, anyone with the right tools can effectively TRACK and MONITOR your computer network activity, once they know its address.

But all of this is EASILY SOLVED.

Just a couple of clicks with ?Change MAC Address' -- and you're protected.

Change MAC Address Features:

VIEW all active network connections

Discover all you need to know about existing network connections, including full device info

CHANGE MAC address in two clicks

Just click the button to generate a random MAC address, and restart the network adapter

SPOOF any existing MAC address

Manually specify the MAC address you wish to spoof,
& it'll apply the settings to your adapter immediately

SIMULATE any network card manufacturer

Change your Dell adapter into an Intel adapter,
with just a few simple clicks!

PROTECT your privacy

Stop hackers, ISPs, WiFi network sniffers and others
from invading privacy & monitoring your activities

AUTHENTICATE your adapter with your ISP

Some ISPs authenticate based on a MAC address.
Power users can finally regain control!

STOP yourself getting BANNED

Many online gaming websites ban users based on their MAC address. Just reset and start gaming again!

Screenshots of Change MAC Address

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Software made available as an instant download. Windows only.

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